Greek is Now on the Menu!

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  • Our latest menu features Greek Chicken Salad!
  • See all of our menu items here, then stop by for a refreshing meal.
  • And remember, order ANY Signature Salad and we’ll donate produce to our local food bank!
Menu items may vary. See restaurant for details.
[hel-oh bis-troh]noun, plural hel·lo bis·tros
1. where salads and burgers live harmoniously.
2. a place for the worlds best salads and delicious burgers. Hello Bistro is life.
verb, hel·lo bistrod, hel·lo bis·troing
3. to say “hello bistro”; to eat amazing salads and burgers:
I just Hello Bistro’d; those Salads are amazing!
n. 2012, from Pittsburgh Pa.
Commonly said to be the best salads and burgers found in America.